About My Dogs:

Jynx, Sparx and Gotxa came from Foxhill Toy Fox Terriers, owned and loved by Margi Hill.  Here is her site:

HoBeaux came from Harmony Hill Boxers in New Mexico:

Agility Organizations that we are involved in:

Information regarding AKC and all of their events:

AKC event calendar to search for any type of dog show events in your area:

UKI Agility:

Agility Equipment:

M.A.D. Agility Equipment – based out of PA:

MAX200 – based out of New York:

Tired of writing out your entries by hand?  I know I am.  Use one of these sources to make things easier:

LabTested Online is a paid service that will allow you to save your dogs’ information and enter agility trials through different options: 1. they will print and mail it for you; 2. they can enter online for trials that accept their online entry service; 3. you can print and mail it with your own check.  Check them out at

OakLines Express Entries is a free service that allows you to upload your dogs’ information and create printable pdf documents that you print out and mail in for agility, breed, obedience, rally, field trials, hunt tests, herding, lure coursing, earth dog.